Partnership with AimBetter

Partnership with AimBetterPicture-Perfect SQL Server Performance Control Monitoring

Data processing is not what it used to be. Platforms have moved to the cloud. ERP, ERM and similar systems are more complex than ever. And data processing activity typically involves hundreds of thousands of queries, inputs and outputs every second.

To handle this new reality, you require a robust, flexible and scalable real-time software solution. One that proactively detects weaknesses, blockages and slowdowns, identifies their causes, and delivers alerts and recommended actions for system resolution.

Performance Control
Management Suite Highlights

AimBetter’s performance control monitoring (PCM) suite handles the management of SQL Server database installations and its supporting software elements – such as Microsoft Server and IIS – on on-premises and cloud platforms. Built with Microsoft technology, The powerful, scalable and comprehensive solution provides full visibility of your database environment – by remote desktop and/or mobile device – to ensure operational efficiency and business continuity.

Easy to install and requiring no local storage or computing resources, the SaaS solution guarantees the highest level of security via zero-trust, ISO-compliant access control.