3 000 EURO/mth
Mid / Senior, Remote, B2B

    Recruitment Supervisor
    Ewa Dubiel
    Talent Aquisition Lead
    • Office localization: Timisoara, Bucharest
    • Working model: Remote work with rare arrivals to the office
    • Employment: full-time
    • Type of agreement: B2B
    • Working hours: Standard working hours (8:00-16:00 / 9:00-17:00 GMT)
    • Salary: Around 3,000 EUR/month net on B2B contract
    • Main tech: SQL, Linux, Unix
    • Design, develop, and implement SQL databases and tables that adhere to best practices for efficiency, security, and scalability.
    • Write complex SQL queries for data retrieval, transformation, and manipulation to support various business requirements.
    • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to gather and define data requirements and develop database structures accordingly. Identify and resolve performance bottlenecks in SQL queries, stored procedures, and functions to improve database efficiency and responsiveness.
    • Implement indexing strategies and query optimization techniques to enhance database performance and response times.
    • Ensure data integrity by implementing proper validation rules, constraints, and referential integrity within the database.
    • Implement security measures such as role-based access control and data encryption to safeguard sensitive information. Perform routine database maintenance tasks such as backups, updates, and patches to ensure data availability and system reliability.
    • Diagnose and troubleshoot database-related issues, providing timely resolutions to maintain business continuity.
    • Collaborate with software developers, data analysts, and other stakeholders to integrate database solutions into applications and reporting systems.
    • Provide technical guidance and support to team members regarding database-related matters.
    • Create and maintain comprehensive documentation including data dictionaries, schema diagrams, and coding standards for reference and knowledge sharing.
    • Stay up-to-date with the latest trends, technologies, and best practices in SQL programming and database management.
    • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, or a related field (or equivalent experience).
    • Proven experience as an SQL Programmer or Database Developer.
    • Proficiency in writing complex SQL queries, stored procedures, and functions.
    • Writing scripts on Linux, Unix.
    • Strong understanding of database design principles, normalization, and data modeling.
    • Familiarity with database performance optimization techniques.
    • Experience with query optimization and performance tuning.
    • Knowledge of database security best practices.
    • Excellent problem-solving and analytical skills.
    • Strong communication and collaboration abilities.
    • Attention to detail and a commitment to producing high-quality work.
    Nice to have:
    • Experience with specific database management systems (e.g., Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle).
    • Familiarity with data visualization tools and reporting systems.
    • Certifications related to SQL programming or database management. Join us in shaping the future of our data infrastructure and contribute to the success of our organization through your SQL programming expertise.
    Recruitment Process

    First contact

    30-minute conversation in English with RTC Recruiter

    Second contact

    1 hour of conversation in English with the Hiring Manager

    Third contact

    1 hour of conversation in English with the Client

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