Design and development of IT applications and systems

At the RTC Group, we love challenges and we like to face them head on. That’s why one of the pillars of our company is developing the design, IT applications and systems. Nowadays, almost every aspect of life depends on IT systems running smoothly. Our company boasts a team of experienced and highly skilled professionals in the areas such as programming, computer graphics and UX/UI design.

What does it mean for you? If you need a system to streamline your business or an application that allows your customers to use your services, we can take care of everything. Our specialists can design the right software from scratch, as well as support the existing team in completing and developing the software.

Designing applications and IT systems in the RTC Group

Participation in new projects is our passion and we treat every order as an adventure. We start the work on the software by getting to know the specific needs of our client. Every company is different and therefore it needs IT systems that are adapted to its specific requirements. This also applies to applications that need to be matched to specific services and roles they are to perform. Our programmers always suggest solutions that improve company’s IT operations.

Our UX/UI designers play a key role during software development. The UX (user experience) designer is responsible for designing the user experience. They ensure that the finished product is intuitive and pleasant to use, which is achieved through user audits and in-depth understanding of the client’s needs. The UI (user interface) designer makes sure that the prepared interface allows for optimal use of the application’s capabilities. Just tell us what you need, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Application and IT systems development in the RTC Group

What should you do if your team is stuck working on software? RTC Group specialists can support your projects with their experience and skills. Our developers can join existing teams or take the projects over and complete them. We not only create software from scratch, but also develop existing applications and systems.

Need to add new functionality to your software? Just provide us with the details and we will take care of the software development. We can develop applications for you, extend the functionality of IT systems and take care of the long-term development and maintenance of your software. Regular updates and keeping a finger on the pulse of IT technology is essential.

The RTC Group has developed numerous applications, IT systems and dedicated websites for companies in sectors such as banking, insurance, transport and retail. With us you will boldly enter the world of modern technology.

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