Hire an IT expert from the RTC Group

In the IT industry, there are many one-off or cyclical tasks and technologies that require supervision on a “fractional” full-time basis. In such a situation, is it worth creating new positions in the company? Maybe it is better to hire an expert to carry out such tasks?

There are many IT specialists in the RTC Group who could support your project with theirs skills and experience. Do you need a specific professional to perform a one-off task or take care of a repetitive process that does not require full-time work? Tell us what need. We will second a professional perfectly suited to the challenge.

Who can I hire at the RTC Group?

The RTC Group operates in the broadly defined IT industry. We specialise in outsourcing and recruitment, which means that we constantly expanding our network of contacts and monitor the IT labour market. Our company is proud of its high-class specialists performing various tasks.

Our consultants can perform work in such positions as:

  • programmer (no language is a problem for us)
  • code reviewer
  • SAP trainer,
  • implementer,
  • automated tester,
  • CMS administrator,
  • service technician,
  • and many others.

The RTC Group has extensive experience in IT projects, thanks to which our employees can face any challenges. We approach commissioned tasks with passion and due commitment, which guarantees the quality of cooperation.

What are the advantages of hiring IT specialists?

In order to save money, many companies decide to hire less qualified full-time employees to deal with occasional tasks. However, this is not a good solution in the long run. This may affect the quality of the tasks performed.

Instead of investing in less qualified staff, it is better to hire a specialist. In this way, a one-off task or a process requiring attention for several hours a week will be under the supervision of a qualified employee. Your company will not incur the cost of hiring a full-time employee, but instead will pay for the hours of work actually provided. This solution is increasingly used by companies and organisations. Hiring IT specialists allows you to save money and, most importantly, guarantees quality.

RTC Group specialists will bring their knowledge and experience to your team, precisely performing the tasks assigned to you. Streamline your business with the help of our people. If you are interested in hiring an IT employee, please contact us and we will discuss the details.

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