IT outsourcing – boost your team’s capabilities

The RTC Group is a real treasure trove of IT talents! And your company can benefit from all the knowledge of our experts. Partnering with us, you’ll have the access to the professionals who will take care of the smooth execution of your projects, as well as the implementation of modern systems and technologies.

Hiring employees involves the necessity to organise and conduct a recruitment process, which is usually very costly and labour-intensive, while the outsourcing gives you the opportunity to flexibly expand your team and hire specialists who will actively participate in the work of your company. Employees delegated from the RTC Group will focus on a specific project, and you will not incur additional expenses associated with the search and selection of employees. Our company cooperates with many enterprises, including banking, insurance, transport and retail sectors.

The advantages of IT outsourcing and when it should be used

IT outsourcing entails many advantages which allow for a significant improvement in the functioning of your company. We have already mentioned the elimination of recruitment costs. Cooperation with the RTC Group gives you the opportunity to hire experts to carry out a specific project. But that’s not all!

Implementation of systems, preparation of automation processes or creation of new software require investment in personnel and equipment. However, you don’t have to organise the resources needed for the implementation of an IT project yourself, because the RTC Group has everything you need to carry out every project. We have modern technological base that allows our specialists to carry out extensive IT activities.

The project you are working on requires fast implementation? Do not waste your time recruiting IT specialists. With us you will find a team of professionals ready to act. Our offer includes outsourcing of Programmers, Analysts, UX Specialists and Project Managers who ensure smooth execution of all processes.

What is more, IT outsourcing also includes testing the software developed by your company. RTC Group is able to carry out extended tests with automated tools or apply manual tests to specific tasks, so you don’t need to build your own test department. Proper testing of software is the key to success, and a failure in this area may mean considerable losses for the company. That’s why outsourcing of the IT testers is so important.

IT outsourcing – cooperation

RTC Group offers two main forms of cooperation with the customer as part of IT employee outsourcing.

Team Extension – our company sends specialists to reinforce existing teams. New specialists will thus increase the productivity of the teams and accelerate the project work, providing their extensive knowledge.

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