IT outsourcing – boost your
team’s capabilities


By partnering with us, you gain access to talented professionals who consistently provide smooth execution of projects, as well as the implementation of modern systems and technologies

Thanks to years of experience in the IT industry and the outsourcing market, we can easily create mechanisms that guarantee a perfect match of candidates’ and clients’ needs. We provide teams of specialists that can work on the most challenging projects.


What`s our approach
to outsourcing?

Access to talented agile teams

Our experts are hired during the multistage hiring process to ensure we work with only the best candidates. Our team members are not only skilled in providing the best software solutions but also deeply understand business processes.

Choose high-quality IT outsourcing.

Trust & transparency

We are fully transparent. Our team conducts regular meetings to check progress and agree on the following steps. With full access to JIRA and GIT Repos from day one we constantly keep our clients up-to-date with our progress. Our agile process is simple and flexible.

Trial period

We understand that at the beginning of the cooperation you might prefer to check if you have the right fit. That’s why we provide you with the possibility of one month trial period. Afterwards, you can decide to continue or resign without any notice period.


How does it work?
Step by step

Recruitment requirement

The recruitment process starts as the sales team obtains the Client’s requirements, outlining essential duties and needed competencies. Once requirements are presented, a Lead Recruiter and Operational Recruiter are assigned. The Lead Recruiter handles Client’s service, while the Operational Recruiter manages the recruitment process and the specific project.

Project kick-off

The kick-off marks the RTC-Client meeting. Here, the Recruiter and Hiring Manager confirm prior arrangements, establish milestones and deadlines, and discuss vital project details.

Database verification

Database verification involves assessing candidates in RTC Group’s database and external sources for meeting requirements. This leads to a pipeline for detailed verification and scheduling ‘screens’ with potential candidates. For managerial roles, extra tests ensure soft skill validation, assuring presented candidates align with Client’s needs.

Interviews with the Candidates

After RTC’s screening and before the Clientcandidate meeting, the Client receives the Candidate Profile. This document includes all the information needed for the further recruitment process on the Client’s side. If foreign language proficiency is needed, Candidate Profile indicates language level.

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