Recruitment of IT specialists – we will find the best professionals for you


There are many candidates but not everyone will be a good match for the particular team or project

Finding the right experts is not easy. Therefore, it is so important to conduct a detailed, multi-stage recruitment. In order to make this task easier, you can outsource the search to our company. In RTC Group we have experienced recruiters and IT knowledge that allow us to find candidates perfectly matched for the position requirements.

We operate on the principle of head hunting – we are talent hunters. We constantly search for talented professionals with whom we cooperate and maintain contact. Our speciality is to find candidates who perfectly match the requirements of our clients. Are you looking for a professional to join your team? What if we have already found one?


Team augmentation offers numerous advantages over traditional recruiting methods

Recruiting IT professionals is not easy, as it is necessary not only to find the right candidate, but also to thoroughly check their skills. Consequently, the company looking for an employee must prepare for this process in an appropriate manner. For this purpose, it is worth establishing cooperation with a company specialising in recruiting experts from the IT industry. Hiring a candidate who does not meet expectations generates unnecessary costs, associated for example with the process of onboarding, project delays, as well as the possible subsequent recruitment process.


Recruiters working at the RTC Group conduct comprehensive recruitment processes and find the right candidates perfectly matching the project and position needs. However, it’s you, as a client, who makes the final hiring decision.


Our experience in recruitment and the IT industry allows us not only to find excellent candidates, but also to provide further advice. We can suggest employees that will be needed for a given project, which will allow you to create optimally sized team.


The time and money saved on the recruitment process can be used for other purposes. As we all know, investments translate into profits, so external recruitment conducted by the RTC Group will ultimately benefit your company!

Center of Excellence

Our offer also includes support for the creation of the so called Centre of Excellence, i.e. Shared Services Centres gathering specialists sharing knowledge and experience

Their main objective is to take over certain processes and repeatable activities from the given enterprise or corporation. As a result, certain processes operating for the needs of several units are performed in one place, which significantly streamlines their implementation and reduces costs.

The specialists who are the part of the CoE are not only responsible for specific tasks, but also share their knowledge, technologies, good practices and contacts. By creating such centre, we optimise the development of the company and gain access to the knowledge of the high-class experts who can join our company.

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